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Have something you want to say about how I play my German ninja? Please do! Feedback and concrit are always welcomed.
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Physical changes:

His left forearm is now marked with a strange, twisting tattoo. It is written in an unknown language and trails from wrist to elbow.

Night 17 he was injected with something living and hungry, likely a parasite. It makes him feel constantly half-starved, despite theoretically not needing as much food.


His canon outfit; including sturdy boots, his mask with bladed V-crest, and a good jacket (that now has faded blood stains).

37 Throwing stars. (Left of the 40 he started with.)

5 Smoke bombs

Multi-tool from home, a larger one that folds into a pair of pliers and has many other tools on it

A small green pack for carrying supplies

Bandages and disinfectant

Needle and thread

Survival Blanket


A smaller multi-tool knife

Small coil of rope

A compass, one of seemingly little use because the arrow never points in one direction for long.

A Walky Talky

Winter outfit: a coat, a set of gloves, a scarf, a pair of winter boots, and a pair of heavy socks.

A tattooed piece of skin from the Scavenger Hunt.

Canvas bag

A note that seems to have been written by his brother Domon. In the note Domon talks as if a long time has passed. He won the Gundam Fight, freed their father, and now knows the truth about the Devil Gundam incident. However in the note his brother always calls him by his real name, and it is impossible for Schwarz to tell if Domon ever learned the truth of who he was or if this letter was meant for his other self.

A bit of coal


Bit of a pine log

Holly sprig

Vial of scented oil

Flask of pine tea

A lump of lard

A dense fruit bread, contained in a small sack

Small bag of candied fruit and sugared nuts

A small piece of resin

Two gold coins

Small velvet jewelry case that contained a charm. The charm was the King of Hearts Crest, his brother's symbol. It fit him perfectly and he usually wears it under his clothes.
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Day 12
Schwarz was brought to the house. Part of the area had no color, and while he was warm the heat wasn't as oppressive to him as to the completely nonsensitives. The houseguests all fall asleep at noon, what happens during the rest of the day is a mystery.

Night 12
Schwarz's first night. The unnatural sleep causes a dream. Rose strikes Lock (although he doesn't know them yet) with a lanturn and the pain is felt by all. The dream fractured and returned to find the girl dead. Dreamers vaguely aware of their bodies but unable to wake. Someone orders "get out of my head". Wakes to find flames all around, unable to move yet the flame isn't dangerous. Schwarz being mildly sensitive was left in a dazed half-dream; not part of the collective fire but on the verge of it. A strong impression of being on the edge of something more but being unable to go over that edge. He did not see the dream-visions, but Don seems oddly familiar and he has no idea why.

He quickly learned lighting a fire was a bad idea but managed to avoid the Burning Man without being singed.

Day 13
Following a strange compulsion to go to the Parlor he got a good breakfast and a bag full of supplies.

Night 13
Schwarz disappeared from the house just before nightfall and didn't reappear until the stroke of Midnight. He has no knowledge of the events in the house during this time.

Midnight 13
Schwarz got back in the house just in time to be drawn to the applause in the Ballroom, and then swept into the theater and tied to a seat. On the stage he sees the performance of The Drowned Woman and The Art Enthusiast, recognizing the latter as Don Marks. The play was the story of a woman that loved the sea, but found a new love as a kind of all-or-nothing game to find true happiness. She lost, and Don seemed to try to give the people trapped in the audience a warning, but the stage erupted into flame and the play was ended.

The lost time combined with the scene he'd witnessed prompted Schwarz to do something more dangerous to try and find a way out of the house, and this is when he managed to get inside the Closed Closet and discover the woman trapped within.

Day 14
The day started with a forced sleep, and a dream that seemed unnaturally real despite the fact that he was not the person in the dream... and yet it felt like he was. In the dream his hands were burned and bloody, and he clawed at the ground, desperate give his family a proper burial, bagging whatever power would heed him that their souls would be allowed to rest and escape from the house. That dream passed into an unnatural darkness and stillness that seemed it would never end. When they were finally released, it was impossible to tell whether moments or days had passed. Unnatural Servants gave a sing-song message before he was allowed to return to being truly awake.

Despite the clock only moving an hour past dawn, he awoke covered in dust and cobwebs. In the Rose Garden he found a piece of tattooed skin in the Rose Garden. He had the strange feeling it was related to the Servant's riddle, but chose to keep it instead of handing it over.

Night 14
Night brought with it another unnatural sleep, although this time it was dreamless. When he awoke, his forearms were marked with strange tattoos.

This night he could hear the woman trapped in the Closed Closet humming. The tune was Greensleeves, although he didn't recognize the tune.

The mirrors began to act strangely, and are likely best avoided.

Day 15
The beginning of Fall and cool weather, he was given warmer clothes but he doesn't know from who or what.

At noon, the house became filled with whispers. The voices were familiar, but too quiet to identify.

Night 15
The Front Door opened, allowing access to the outside. But it was no escape, because the house was on a floating island. There were many other floating islands, some of which had buildings on them although the darkness made them indistinct. Some of the other buildings had points of light shining inside the windows, suggesting the island the house was on wasn't the only inhabited one. The darkness made it impossible to tell what was beneath the floating islands... if anything. The Rose Garden and an opaque glass wall prevented passage to the back of the house. Flying predatory monsters prevented any attempt to fly to other islands. The Burning Man came and took a brand from the fire, returning to the house with it. The voices became exceedingly faint, so much so he can't tell if they're really there.

This night he also lost not only his real name, but the real names of everyone he'd ever known. He still had the name of Schwarz though, so he didn't realize it right away. But once he realized he could never recall the names of his family, he spent the rest of the night near the bonfire, taking what little solace he could from the fact he was outside. He also noted a space missing from the tattoo on his arm, and assumes that spot to have been his name.

Day 16
He remained outside until sunrise, catching a glimpse of ocean on the horizon. But even he could not fight the Phantasms, and he was forced to quickly retreat back inside to avoid being dragged in. After that, the front door closed tight again.

He took note of little else that day, the loss of names eroding at his already uncertain sense of self.

Night 16
Another dream. This one of a woman weaving on a loom despite the threads having cut her fingers to the bone. The picture was that of a planet, Earth-like it was impossible to tell whether it was his Earth or not. Half of the planet was in the daylight, the other half in the shadow of night. Nowhere on the planet could electric lights be seen. The blood added dark stains to the picture. The sound of the loom was unnaturally loud, and continued even after the rest of the dream had faded.

That dream fades into another. This time of a lantern. A wine bottle, sketch book, and sheathed sword can be seen by its light. The light grew brighter until it was painful. Someone coughed, another laughed, and a third sighed. The dream faded then, the darkness a welcome relief from the harsh light.

The darkness gave way to a third dream. Yet again it seemed like it was someone else's memory. Thinking about how much he should love his daughter, his wife, and his friends; yet he was afraid of all of them. Of them, for them, of this place. The fear easily became anger. Was this his child or a monster? The child opened her eyes, and stared silently with eyes that seemed to belong to a soul far older than the child. He wanted to love her, but couldn't.

The dreams ended, the last one having made Schwarz feel very uncomfortable. The feeling didn't last long however, because he awoke to find his true name and the names of his friends and family had returned, bringing with them a profound sense of rightness. The marks from the empty place in his tattoo had returned as well.

The night also brought the first snowfall, making the house dangerously cold. He also noticed the single White Rose remaining in the Rose Garden. He gently brushed the petals to check if it was real, and confirmed it was, although the thorns were exceedingly sharp. He could not get to the Closed Closet to try and talk to his friend through the wall tonight, as the Mother's Ghost and the Photographer were in the Study. The mirrors continue to refuse to work properly. The Electric ghost was in the Radio Room, causing his walky to give off high pitched static all night, even with the batteries removed. Even leaving it didn't help, the electricity affected the DG Cells and caused him to hear static in his head all night.

Day 17
At dawn the house filled with fireflies, which resolved themselves into the figures of dancers in the Ballroom. Being drawn there a man (Lyhn) gave a request for silence, and then sleep came again, drawing him into another dream. He found himself dancing lazily around the room with them. A woman (Estella) appears and moves towards the man as though in a trance. They speak though no words are heard over the music, then he holds out the lantern. It explodes in a blinding light, but when the flash fades the two are surrounded by Phantasms which push the flames back into the lantern. The catch the woman as she collapses, and the man gives a shallow bow as they take the lantern and the dream ends. There was also a white owl in the dream (Spade) whom he later recognized with Mukuro.

The fireplaces go out, leaving nothing to fight the cold within the house. The snowfall had become a blizzard, making passage between the houses nearly impossible and trapping him within the third house. There was a canvas bag next to him when he woke up, a letter that appeared to from his brother attached to it despite the contents being impersonal with the exception of the charm. The kitchens were now completely restocked. The mirrors were no longer shadowed, but were dangerously cold and covered with handprints on the wrong side. The was man left a cryptic message on the wall: "It's in the blood." His tattoo itched inexplicably.

Night 17
The clock swung open to reveal a door. An odd man stepped through, and clapped three times. The cold intensifies, somehow freezing him in place. Somehow it joins them together, each seeing through every other's eyes. The Phantasms spread through the house, infecting him and most others with something alive and hungry. They vanished back through the hidden door closed again, and they were pulled into a sleep that felt dangerous as the cold intensified.

The dreams start again and the first thing scene is Rose, lit by candlelight, looking much better than the last dream left her. The shadows wrap around her, she says two words -one Lock's name- then starts sewing her lips closed. A dark figure moves behind her, tells her her sacrifice has been accepted.

The dream shifts to two children playing with dolls, talking about where to put them for their game. Each different, most familiar. They take the last doll, that of a pregnant woman, and squeeze it tightly around the stomach. A sudden surge of pain woke him from the dreams.

When he awoke he had moved, finding himself in a pile of people in the Parlor in the first house. The blades continue to build blood and meat residue, continuing to the point he had to remove his mask's bladed crest.

The Parlor was filled with dancers, some of them looking like the people he'd met in the house that were no longer there. There was a bald, blue skinned, pointed-eared woman in armor protecting a doll. He'd never seen the stranger before. Most terrifying in the ballroom was the nightmare-beast. It left at some point, chasing people through the halls. It was also impossible to make it into the other houses, due to the doors being locked.

He was also strangely picky about what he ate, in the same pattern as a relapse of childhood likes and dislikes. It later advanced into something felt more deeply. Ending up as a feeling of rebellion. Why should he listen? Who would make him?

After a few hours of night he disappeared, not reappearing in the house until morning, in a case of lost time.

Day 18
He reappeared in the house shortly after dawn. He found himself in a new set of clothes, all formal. The things he'd had on him reappeared next to him, and he put the mask back on before anyone could see him. The parasite still caused him abnormal hunger, and despite the houses being unlocked he still couldn't make it back to his safe room because of the danger the mirrors presented.
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Schwarz is fond of using his mastery of stealth to gather information. So he eavesdrops on people. A lot. If a conversation happens in a public Schwarz had access to at the time, he probably heard everything. If you'd rather not have Schwarz hear any and/or all of your character's conversations, please let me know here. Thank you!

Personal Triggers:
Only thing I have an issue with is descriptive injury to the eyes. Just saying an eye was injured or even blinded by an attack is fine. Just please don't go into graphic detail with it. Don't put any needles, etc, near eyes in a thread with me either please. With Schwarz it's fine because since he's an android his eyes aren't squishy, but otherwise please don't.

General permissions under the cut )

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(Beware the spoilers avalanche.)

Player's Name:
Contact info: rainraven4711 on AIM, rainraven4711 [at] gmail [dot] com, and [ profile] RainRaven
DW: [personal profile] rainraven

Character: Schwarz Bruder (aka Kyoji Kasshu)
Canon: Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Version: Anime
Canon Point: After Allenby is kidnapped, but before he finds out Rain quit being Domon's partner.
Age: 29
Gender: Male

History: During the A.D. Calendar, Earth's population passed 10 billion, causing the environment to decay rapidly. Each of Earth's nations created its own space colony to orbit the Earth. Then began the F.C. Calendar, standing for "Future Century". In F.C. 1 the migration from Earth began, with the upper classes and ruling classes leaving the planet for the colonies. 40% of the population either couldn't or wouldn't abandon Earth, and stayed behind. The very next year, many countries began regional wars on Earth, threatening full-scale nuclear war. To combat this threat, the colonies created the United Colonies Federation, and forcibly seized control of Earth with their many mobile suits (stereotypical humanoid mecha). From then on, Earth was to be subject to the space colonies.

After the Earth Chaos War, the colonies began vying for the ruling position in the UCF. With a war between the colonies now threatening the safety of humans, a military advisor by the name of E.C. Ducer proposed the idea of a Gundam Fight in F.C. 6 - every four years, a tournament would be held and each colony would submit one fighter in one Gundam. The Gundams would go to Earth and fight until one was ultimately determined the winner; that Gundam's colony nation would then earn the right to rule all of Earth and Space for four years, until the next tournament. The Gundam Fight was adopted and GF 1 was held in F.C. 8.

Kyoji Kasshu was born in F.C. 31 to a fairly normal family on the Neo Japan space colony. His father, Dr. Raizo Kasshu, was a brilliant Gundam scientist. Kyoji quickly began to follow in his fathers footsteps, taking an interest in technology from a young age.

When he was eight, Kyoji's little brother Domon was born. He decided he was going to be the best big brother he possibly could, and the two of them were inseparable growing up. Domon became best friends with his neighbor, Rain Mikamura, who was the same age. Eventually Kyoji came to see her as something like a little sister.

But those happy days couldn't last forever. Shortly before Domon turned ten (when Kyoji was about 18), a mysterious old man appeared at the colony. His name was Master Asia, the Undefeated of the East, and he was known to be the strongest martial artist in the world. He was also the King of Hearts, the leader of a secret five-person organization known as the Shuffle Alliance, whose sole purpose was to protect the Earth and monitor warfare, and had several times steered mankind away from extinction. Master explained to the Kasshu family that each member of the Shuffle Alliance had a symbol called a crest, which although normally invisible sometimes manifested itself as a glowing symbol on the right hand of the fighter who held the crest. He also explained that Domon was destined to become the next King of Hearts once Master passed away. Because Domon had received no formal martial arts training, Master asked for permission to take Domon to Earth for training.

Kyoji was strongly apposed to the idea. He did not understand why their parents would even consider sending Domon to a remote location on Earth to train for years with a man they barely knew. But in the end it was decided that Domon would go to the Guyana Highlands to train with Master. Kyoji became even more devastated when Master told them it could take more than a decade for Domon to finish his training. But he wasn't able to talk their parents into changing their minds, and he was eager for the ten years to pass so he could see his brother again. Meanwhile, he continued to think of Rain as a little sister and spent time with her whenever he could.

He attended Colony University and earned degrees in robotics and biology. He used this to help his father design and build Gundams for Neo Japan, although he often felt guilty because of how badly Gundams were damaging the Earth. Then his father asked for help with a secret personal project. They would to build a Gundam that would restore the Earth instead of destroying it. To do this Dr. Kasshu had devised three great theoretical abilities. The ability to self recover, allowing it to fix itself in the event it became damaged. The ability to self multiply, by bonding with certain individual animals and influencing their subconscious and instincts to use them to slowly strengthen the whole species, and it would self evolve so that it could adjust to the ever-changing Earth and still carry out its mission. This machine would be called the Ultimate Gundam, because it needed to be the strongest Gundam of them all to have the power to restore the Earth faster than it was being destroyed. Kyoji gladly agreed. To make the theoretical abilities his father had envisioned a reality, he invented the Ultimate Gundam Cells. A type of symbiotic biometal, it was capable of bonding with both Gundarium (the metal that Gundams were made of) and living animal cells. A Gundam infected with UG Cells would gain the Ultimate Gundam's ability to self recover and self evolve, while an infected animal would gain increased physical abilities. The UG Cells would sometimes cause the animal's skin to transform into metallic scales, but no other unintended side effects were noted. After many long years of work, the Ultimate Gundam was finally completed in FC 59.

However, the Kasshu family did tell one other person about their project: Dr. Mikamura, who was Rain's father and Dr. Kasshu's best friend. Dr. Mikamura was also a Gundam scientist although he wasn't as skilled. In fact, he was quite jealous of Raizo's abilities. When he saw the nearly-completed Ultimate Gundam, his jealousy turned into hatred. He reported the Kasshu's project to Major Ulube Ishikawa, the head of the Japanese military.

The Kasshu family knew nothing of Dr. Mikamura's betrayal until Ulube's troops stormed their lab upon the completion of the Ultimate Gundam. Dr. Kasshu was devastated to see his friend standing there with Ulube, but had little time to dwell on it. He knew Ulube would use the Ultimate Gundam for evil, and that they must keep it out of Ulube's hands at all costs. Kyoji made a break for the Ultimate Gundam's cockpit, and Ulube ordered his troops to fire. Ms. Kasshu jumped in the way and saved Kyoji at the cost of her own life. Kyoji hesitated, but at his father's urging he left them there and used the Ultimate Gundam to melt his way out of the underground lab and reach the Colony's surface. This took some time, and Ulube was waiting for him at the surface with several platoons of Mobile Armor Fantomas. However, they were no mach for the Ultimate Gundam's sheer strength, and Kyoji easily defeated them all, leaving only Ulube alive.

Kyoji escaped and headed to Earth. Unfortunately, the Gundam was not built for atmospheric entry on its own. Kyoji ejected and managed to land unharmed, but it seemed the Gundam had been irreparably damaged by its impact with the Earth. However the self-recovery kicked in, and it restored itself to perfect condition in mere moments. However, the main computer's programming had been corrupted. It concluded that because humans were the cause of the damage to the Earth, the only solution was to destroy mankind. Without the constant damage people caused, the Earth would eventually restore itself. However, it could only move if there was a human in it's cockpit. So before Kyoji could realize what had happened, the Ultimate Gundam opened it's hatch and used tentacle-like cables to grab him and pull him inside, absorbing him as its core life-force unit.

The Ultimate Gundam slowly became even more corrupted by Earth's pollutants, and eventually self-evolved into the terrifying Devil Gundam. Months later, Kyoji was still trapped within the Devil Gundam's cockpit. Held completely motionless by the cables, he had become one with the Devil Gundam, and his consciousness was beginning to fade. Despite this he was still more concerned for his family than his own well being. Especially Domon who, to his knowledge, was still on Earth. The Gundam Fight had started, and Devil Gundam had begun killing the Fighters it came across, having evolved the ability to infect even corpses with its ability to self multiply once it's special cells had become Devil Gundam Cells (DG Cells). This way, it was corrupting the strongest people in the world and their fighting machines into it's zombie slaves. However, Kyoji soon realized this created a chance for his escape by abandoning his body and transferring his mind into one of the Devil Gundam's victims. It was a desperate measure, but it was the only thing he could think of that would let him protect Domon.

He had his opportunity when Schwarz Bruder of Neo Germany learned of the situation and attempted to challenge the Devil Gundam. The Devil Gundam made short work of the German Fighter, and connected to the body to turn it into another zombie minion. Kyoji then used the last of his strength to temporarily take over the Devil Gundam, and began transferring his memories and every aspect of his personality over to the the corpse, using the DG Cells to reform the body to match his own appearance. However, the Devil Gundam was fighting him the entire time, so he couldn't be sure if he was transferring his consciousness or just copying it over. To make certain his brother would be protected, he made a request of his other self before his consciousness faded. He begged his other self to protect Domon for him since he could not. With that, Kyoji closed his eyes as his consciousness faded from his original body completely.

Kyoji woke up in his new body in shock. Partly from the experience, and partly because of the new knowledge and broken memories he now suddenly possessed. He had little time to recover, whoever, because the Neo German crew soon came to the "rescue." He quickly put on the German Fighter's mask, and assumed the identity of Schwarz Bruder. Thankfully, the Gundam Spiegel would need some time to repair, allowing him to adjust to his new role. He was horrified to realize the process of creating him had turned his new body into an android. Thankfully a few simple tests showed that the cells had reverted to Ultimate Gundam Cells. To cope with everything that had happened, he used a technique he had learned from Kendo. Miekyo Shisui: clear mirror, still water. It was a technique for meditation and concentration, and helped him mentally cope with the ordeal he had been put through. It also helped him learn to use the knowledge he had just acquired, since knowing martial arts techniques doesn't mean one can use them effectively. But in the end, this meditation technique allowed him to become even stronger than the original Schwarz whose identity he'd assumed.

After a few weeks, he had mastered his new-found German Ninjutsu and the repairs to the Gundam Spiegel had been completed. Having successfully taken the place of Neo Germany's Fighter, he now had to choose what country's Gundam he would target to defeat. Looking through the list of Fighter's, he was shocked to see that Domon was the Fighter for Neo Japan. Schwarz suggested going after Domon, and the government agreed so their nation could win the honor of defeating the powerful Shining Gundam.

Because the Devil Gundam had killed the majority of the original support crew, and Schwarz was able to prove he could maintain the Gundam Spiegel as well as anyone they could have assigned as support (and secretly had made some subtle but highly affective improvements) he was allowed to return to the Gundam Fight without a support crew. This allowed him to move about the Earth more quickly, but also allowed him to act on his real mission without being scrutinized.

He left for Shinjuku, the last known location of the Shining Gundam. When he arrived, Schwarz found the city completely destroyed with the exception of a single building, the Metropolitan Government Building. Even with the Gundam Fight it was obvious the level of damage to the city wasn't natural, so Schwarz hid his Gundam and investigated on foot, using his ninjutsu to stay hidden. The city was overrun with Mobile Suits of unknown origin, and the only survivors had set up a defensive perimeter around the government building which they were using as their base.

Under the city was a vast network of abandoned subway lines and maintenance tunnels, and it was in a large room in these subterranean passages that he discovered the Devil Gundam. It was dormant and in the middle of self-evolving. However, not long after he discovered its location it began to reabsorb the mobile suits (that he learned had been dubbed the Death Army due to the fact that each one was piloted by - or rather, powered by - the corpse of a dead citizen of Shinjuku that had been reanimated with the DG Cells), a sure sign that it was almost ready to finish self-evolving. More worrisome was the fact that his body was outside of the cockpit, the expression on "his" face alternating between blank emptiness and a crazed smirk. Clearly, there was nothing of him left in his body and it had become the Devil Gundam's puppet as well as its battery. This was a rather disconcerting experience for Schwarz.

He had little time to dwell on the state of his real body however, because Rain accidentally stumbled upon the Devil Gundam and was attacked by one of the few Death Army drones that hadn't been reabsorbed yet. Schwarz defeated the drone with one hit by using his mask's v-shaped crest as a throwing star, and then told her how to escape and that she needed to get everyone away from Shinjuku. He then fought off the pack of DG zombies that were chasing her, giving her the much needed time to escape.

He then made his own escape and made his way back to the Gundam Spiegel. Meanwhile, the Devil Gundam had sealed itself into a metallic cocoon in order to self-evolve. It emerged from directly beneath the Metropolitan Government Building, splitting the structure in half as it did so. The head emerged from the cocoon instantly, but it still lacked the energy needed to fully emerge. Domon and the other members of the new Shuffle Alliance had assembled to fight the monster, but Master Asia -- Domon's own teacher -- had willingly joined the Devil Gundam and was protecting it. Master easily defeated the other four Shuffles. However, before he could immobilize Domon Schwarz used the Spiegel's optical camouflage to sneak in between and block the attack. It was then that he introduced himself to everyone present as Schwarz Bruder, Gundam Fighter for Neo Germany. He did not reveal his true identity; between Domon's natural stubbornness, how thoroughly he'd been brainwashed, and the life of their father hanging in the balance, it was too risky to come out from behind his mask.

His practicing and determination paid off, and Schwarz was able to fight at the same level as Master Asia. Stalling Master, he told Domon to attack the Devil Gundam's head. Domon then used his anger at Kyoji's perceived betrayal to activate his Shining Gundam's Super Mode. He launched a Shining Finger Sword attack at the Devil Gundam, but switched his aim at the last minute to strike the body instead, because he couldn't bring himself to harm Kyoji regardless of how angry he was. Unfortunately the Devil Gundam absorbed the Shining Gundam's energy, giving it the boost it needed to finish self-evolving and emerge from its cocoon. Its new body was massive, dwarfing the skyscrapers around it.

It was then that Domon noticed Kyoji's body sitting on top of the beast. The Devil Gundam then attacked Domon with a blast so powerful that it incinerated half of Tokyo before disappearing, deaf to Domon's pleas to Kyoji to stay. To Domon, it looked as if his brother had deliberately aimed at him and then abandoned him, which is enough to cause a small emotional breakdown. Schwarz is forced to watch his brother suffer in silence, knowing it was not the right time to reveal the truth.

The next day, Domon rushed off to find the Devil Gundam. Knowing his little brother was not yet ready to confront it again, Schwarz followed him. Waiting until Domon reached a remote location, he suddenly appeared in the middle of the road, forcing Domon to swerve into a tree. He then quickly hid himself to taunt Domon (he had an important lesson to teach and didn't want to give himself away by being to brotherly.) He tried to talk Domon out of going as he knew it was a trap set up by Master Asia, but Domon refused to listen. Schwarz was then forced to convince him with fists instead of words, easy beating Domon in the fight. He told Domon that was proof that he lacked true fighting ability. Quickly cutting down a tree with a katana that was so rusty it looked like it shouldn't even be able to cut lard, he then gave that same sword to Domon telling him that when he could cut down a tree with it, he will have mastered Shining Gundam's Super Mode, which Domon could not activate voluntarily. Domon attempted to challenge Schwarz again, but he disappeared in a sudden cloud of smoke.

Domon refused to heed Schwarz's advice and walked right into Master's trap. Thankfully Schwarz had followed him in the Gundam Spiegel, and came to Domon's aid. He mad a second attempt to hammer in the lesson he'd tried to teach his brother before, but instead Domon continued to act exceptionally hot-headed and impulsive, and challenged Schwarz to a Gundam Fight. Schwarz accepted, and easily beat Domon a second time. Although he obviously stopped short of claiming the Shining Gundam's head, he made it very clear that he could have disqualified Domon if he wished. He then disappears again.

Thankfully Domon accepted the lesson at last, and left for the Guyana Highlands to train. Schwarz continued to follow him. However, once he was sure he could find his brother again, he left to influence the other Shuffles who were traumatized by their experience with the Devil Gundam into coming to the Guyana Highlands as well. This way the Shuffles were able to all help each other, and eventually get past the mental and physical barriers stopping them from fighting at their full potential. However, while Domon improved he was still unable to use the sword or activate the Super Mode at will.

With the Gundam Fight Final Battle in Neo Hong Kong rapidly approaching, Domon left to train on his own. Schwarz found him three days before the beginning of the tournament half-starved and exhausted to the point he was beginning to hallucinate. Seeing how desperate his little brother was, Schwarz was forced to give him one last needed push.

He revealed himself just as Domon was ready to give up, and challenged Domon to a Gundam Fight. Schwarz did not give Domon time to respond, and instead immediately began to "attack" Domon with the Spiegel Blades. Although he was very careful to avoid actually hurting his brother, he needed to make Domon think he was going to be killed, telling Domon to "have peace in your heart as you perish." This finally forced Domon to let go of his anger and sorrow. His sword began to spontaneously glow, and he was able to block Schwarz's Gundam with it. Schwarz then explains to Domon that this is the power of Meikyo Shisui, and that when he can push back the Gundam Spiegel his training will be complete.

Domon would not have a chance to attempt this, because at that moment the Death Army suddenly attacked. Domon called the Shining Gundam, which brought Rain along with it because she was inside of it at the time. He then used the sword to destroy several Death Army suits, but once again became consumed by anger when Master Asia made his appearance. Despite Schwarz's urging to retreat, Domon challenged Master and lost badly, causing extensive damage to the inside of the Shining Gundam. Schwarz then used his ninjutsu to help Domon and the other Shuffles retreat to the relative safety of the Neo Russian base camp.

They were surrounded by Devil Gundam Heads and thus trapped within the Guyana Highlands, as the Neo Russian ship was only capable of carrying a single Gundam. The Shining Gundam would take about a day to repair, so Schwarz devised an plan to hold the enemy off until then. Schwarz helped them plant mines, but disappeared before the battle actually started.

He waited well removed from the fighting, underneath the waterfall that acted as an overflow for a large natural dam. He had left a signal flare down the river instead of a mine. When the flare was triggered by the Death Army, he knew the enemy units were in place and used his Sturm und Drang technique to destroy the dam. The resulting flood not only swept away the vast majority of the Death Army units, it also created an escape route for the Shuffle Alliance.

However he decided to go back and make sure the others had escaped successfully, and it was a good thing he did because Domon had stayed behind to fight Master Asia all by himself despite having still not finished his training. But not only had Master escaped the flood unharmed, the Devil Gundam had also appeared, even bigger and stronger than it had been in Shinjuku. Master then taunted Domon in an attempt to get him to activate the Super Mode with his anger. Schwarz came to his brother's rescue yet again, telling him to ride it out. However, Kyoji's body began to laugh crazily, making Domon think his big brother was laughing at him.

Schwarz created a smoke screen and literally dragged Domon away from the battle, bringing him to a cave safely hidden behind a waterfall. Schwarz attempted to explain that Kyoji had been used as bait to draw out Domon's anger, and to remind him of the Meikyo Shisui he'd been so close to acquiring. Sadly Domon was being particularly thick headed. Schwarz then announced that Domon would receive no more help from him and flew off in his Gundam. He hoped that by doing this, Domon would be more cautious and escape from the Guyana Highlands. As he flew off, Schwarz saw his body standing on top of the Devil Gundam, and momentarily contemplated trying to reclaim his true body. However doing so would be suicidal, so he was forced to fly on.

But of course Schwarz didn't really leave his brother, only made it look like he had. So he knew as soon as Domon marched right back to where Master was waiting. Kyoji's body was used as bait yet again, causing Domon to become possessed by his anger and trigger the Super Mode in a berserker state. His anger made him careless and Master attempted to finish him off, but Schwarz got there in the nick of time and took the attack for Domon. This resulted in the Gundam Spiegel being impaled through the cockpit, badly injuring Schwarz in the process. Thankfully, this was enough to get Domon to snap out of it and remember his Meikyo Shisui. He then defeated both Master Asia and the Devil Gundam. Master had crashed near where the Gundam Spiegel had collapsed, so Schwarz addressed him, telling him to give up his plot rather than attack Domon again. It was then that the top part of his torn mask fell off, and Master recognized Schwarz as Kyoji.

Schwarz knew his body had survived Domon's attack, as his life was still connected to his real body. Sadly, he lacked both the strength and time to rescue himself, and was forced to leave for Neo Hong Kong with his body still trapped within the wreckage of the Devil Gundam. This time he had no choice but to truly leave and hope that Domon was behind him. He became incredibly worried when he made it well before Domon, but thankfully his brother arrived in a new Gundam at the last possible second. He was overjoyed that his little brother was safe and still had a chance to rescue their father, so he didn't question how Domon had gotten a new Mobile Fighter.

It didn't take him long to realize that this new God Gundam was a suit Dr. Mikamura had created by cannibalizing the Kasshu's ideas stolen when their lab was seized. What made Schwarz really angry was the fact that Dr. Mikamura's implementation of the plans was largely flawed. Still, it was enough to make the God Gundam one of the most powerful Mobile Fighters in the tournament.

Schwarz showed himself again to the Shuffles the next day at the opening ceremonies of the month-long Final Battle tournament. Despite how hurt he had been the day before, he seemed perfectly fine now. Master also reappeared, along with Michelo Chariot and Gentle Chapmen who Domon had previously disqualified. Because Neo Hong Kong currently held the sovereign rights to the universe and thus could make their own rules, no one could challenge this after they were given Prime Minister Wong's permission to participate. Angered by this as well as Master's return, Domon promised to sweep the tournament.

Otherwise, the tournament continued for several weeks without any real incident. Schwarz continued to look after his brother and guide him when necessary. Occasionally the lessons included a bit of brotherly teasing, but Domon never realized who Schwarz really was.

The relative peacefulness of the tournament could not last. The Devil Gundam hadn't been completely destroyed; at the very least, Schwarz's body was still alive. His worst fears were confirmed when a large, ominous cube was flown into Neo Hong Kong at the halfway point in the tournament and delivered to an underground Mobile Suit hanger belonging to prime minister Wong himself.

Schwarz used his ninjutsu to sneak into the hanger, and was instantly confronted with the already self-recovering Devil Gundam. He hid as Master Asia and Wong interred the hanger and began to speak about using the Gundam Fight for some kind of plan Schwarz was unable to hear the details of. Master then opened the Devil Gundam's cockpit, and Schwarz was horrified to see the life of his true body was hanging by a thread. Unfortunately in his surprise his concentration lapsed, and Master is able to sense his presence. Master attacks, but Schwarz is able to destroy the long cloth Master used as a weapon and escape from the hanger without anyone realizing who he was.

He is not as lucky in escapeing from the building itself however. Without the time needed to phase back through the wall, he was forced to blow through it, being injured in the process. Rain happens to be there, and he had to grab her and carry her with him to save her from being crushed by the debris, or worse labeled as the intruder by Wong. Michelo and Chapman follow him and attempt to stop him. They are able to get close enough to identify the intruders as a man and a woman, and Schwarz is able to confirm that they are indeed working for Wong. In the escape Schwarz and Rain come across Domon and Allenby sparring. When Wong's minions caught up assumed that Domon and Allenby were the two that broke into the secret hanger.

Master is able to tell that they were not the intruders, but Wong accuses him of trying to protect his ex-pupil and takes matters into his own hands. He declares a tag-team match that he had rigged to get rid of both of the fighters at once, but they were able to come through victoriously. Wong then decided Domon's punishment would be to fight the other members of the Shuffle Alliance. This was the biggest mistake Wong made. With Schwarz's guidance, Domon was not only able to win, but also strengthen the bonds between the members of the Shuffle Alliance. Each of them, especially Domon, became incredibly stronger during the matches as well.

The last Shuffle match, Domon's fight with Argo, was interfered with by Wong. It was a tag team match again pairing Domon with Allenby. Argo used his Gaia Crusher technique to create a ring for just Domon and himself. Wong then used a Beserker System on Allenby, causing the match to end in chaos. Using his control over the medical teams, Wong was able to kidnap Allenby.

This is the canon point Schwarz will be taken from.

The majority of the time, Schwarz is very calm and collected. He is obviously a very intellectual individual, and thus he prefers to work with logic and reason rather than letting his emotions get the better of him. This however does not mean he is unemotional, quite the opposite. This also does not make him immune from emotional outbursts and impulses. He simply prefers not to let his emotions completely rule over his actions in his day to day life. He is a very brave, loyal, and adaptable person. Now days when he finds himself with free time, he usually spends it training or meditating. But sometimes he will still create designs for new Gundams and inventions or tinker with electronics for fun.

Because of his logical way of going about things, he has learned to be incredibly patient. He can get annoyed easily, especially when someone is distracting him while he's attempting to focus on his work, but he seldom gets more than annoyed. There are some things that will get him a bit beyond being just annoyed -- getting between him and his coffee, for example -- but it takes a lot for him to get seriously angry. Still, he wouldn't be a Kasshu without some anger issues of his own. Although it takes a lot to make him mad, he tends to stay mad for a while. He can hold a grudge for a very long time as well. He prefers to avoid those he is angry at, although he can act professionally towards them if necessary. He also won't hesitate to confront the person if that is what's needed to resolve the situation. Otherwise, if he cannot avoid them he will show a bit of hostility towards them, but only enough to make it clear that he wants nothing to do with them. Animosity is saved for those he truly hates, and if he is driven to that point he will no longer be able to forgive the person in question. Ulube is the only person Schwarz has ever truly hated.

He used to be generally happy and easygoing, but sadly that has changed. He is much more stern now, and seldom smiles. Some might describe him as grouchy or as someone incapable of having fun. Everything he has been through has forced him to emotionally close himself off in order to cope and keep himself sane.

Schwarz is also a very polite individual, but he has a more Western idea of politeness than one might expect. For example, even as Kyoji he rarely used honorifics and was more likely to use Western terms. He will also call people by their first name even without knowing them well. This is simply how the culture changed and is considered perfectly polite in F.C. 60.

Kyoji does have the bad habit of hiding what he is truly feeling most of the time, and can even be a bit brooding in private. This has gotten even worse as Schwarz. Granted, if you see him give a rare smile he probably is legitimately happy and not putting on a front, but if something's bothering him he's not the type to talk about it, even if he's prompted to by someone he knows and trusts. He is a bit antisocial, but only because he'd prefer the company of close friends and family than people he barely knows. As he has issues really trusting people, he seldom let's new people in. So while he is more than willing to be friendly and helpful to people, he's very difficult to get close to. Unfortunately, his current identity crisis only makes this aspect of his personality even more pronounced. Because he is forced to hide who he really is, he cannot open up to anyone even if he wants to.

He is asexual, but he is not aromantic. While having no sexual drive and not physically attracted to anyone, he is more than capable of being attracted to someone on a mental level. However, it is very unlikely he would form this kind of relationship, as he would have to not only accept them as family but also because he is more likely to think of them as a sister than a potential romantic interest. (Or brother. He's open minded, but it would take a lot more for him to think of another man as more than a sibling just because he's so used to having an actual little brother that going into a romantic relationship with a man would feel really weird to him.) His asexuality makes it very awkward for him when someone is flirting with him, and he can get rather annoyed if they refuse to stop. He no longer even considers the possibility of a romantic relationship now that he's become an android.

Accepting someone as family is even harder for him than trusting is. His family is the most important thing in the universe to him. Especially his little brother, Domon. As Kyoji he went out of his way to be the best big brother he could possibly be, and continued to do so despite Domon's absence. Even if he could act with complete anonymity, he would never do anything that would make his parents disappointed or that Domon wouldn't be proud of him for. He is willing to put himself through hell and back to protect Domon, going so far as to give up his real body and take over a corpse to free his mind from the Devil Gundam and watch over his brother. Domon is the only thing that motivates him to continue on at this point.

His protective nature also extends to children in general. He's not willing to go to nearly the same lengths to protect a strange kid, but that's still well above and beyond what the average person would do. He's more than willing to put himself in danger to try to save a child. He will act very brotherly to children, and is more willing to trust them than he is most adults. He believes children are inherently good and just learn to be backstabbing jerks when they grow up. Because of this, being betrayed by a child hurts a lot more than being betrayed by most adults.

Schwarz enjoys teaching a great deal, but he won't hold your hand through learning something new either. He prefers instead to give guiding hints until the person he is trying to teach figures it out on their own. He can be bad about not realizing when someone literally cannot learn something on their own though. A big example of this is when he points out some major flaws in Domon's fighting style using the rested katana. After the initial confrontation, while he'll offer advice he doesn't step in to help Domon until his brother pushes himself nearly to the breaking point.

Sadly, Dr. Mikamura's betrayal and his subsequent imprisonment in the Devil Gundam left him with some serious mental scars.. It is now even more difficult for him to trust others, and will also be far more brooding and a bit more antisocial. Everything and (almost) everyone will be treated with suspicion. After all, he is not only dealing with such a brutal betrayal, but also the extreme guilt he feels. His mom was shot right in front of him, and he still feels he should have been able to stop it even though logically he knows there was nothing he could have done. His anger then led him to kill all those people, and once he was calm again the guilt set in. Did he really have to go that far just to get away? And although he had no control over the Gundam after the crash landing caused it to mutate into the Devil Gundam, he feels responsible for all the people it killed while it was using him as a battery. And of course he is still extremely worried about his brother. As long as Domon is on Earth, he won't be safe from the Devil Gundam. This on top of his current identity crisis, and it's no wonder he's so emotionally closed off now.

Schwarz's greatest fears will always revolve around Domon. There is always the nagging fear that despite everything he's done he'll fail his brother somehow. And in the Gundam Fight, there is always the very real possibility that Domon might lose his life. Or worst of all, that something terrible might happen to Domon because of failing him. But there are more ways to lose his brother besides death. It's a huge fear of Schwarz's that if he is just a clone, and his original self is saved, that he'd become little more than a forgotten shadow. At least for the moment he is able to watch over his brother at a distance. Once the Devil Gundam is defeated and he's fulfilled his mission to protect Domon, he might find himself without a purpose. He would truly be alone then, and that terrifies him.

The looming fear of the Devil Gundam is always in his mind. He's the only person that seems to really realize that it could destroy the entire world. Being trapped somewhere he can't keep an eye on its movements and make sure the people he cares about are alright will amplify his fears greatly. With the time distortion, he'll have no way of even knowing if the Gundam Fight is over or what might have happened.

His imprisonment in the Devil Gundam and subsequent transformation into an android has left him with some serious mental scars as well. He's scared of being imprisoned like that again, and the smaller the prison whether real or perceived the worse it will bother him. Having three large houses to roam through will make him annoyed but less scared. Lock him in a tiny room, especially if he's restrained, and he'll be a lot more afraid. He might not show any outward sings of it -- he's shut himself off emotionally to help him deal with such situations after all, and in a way he's been trapped for the last year by the Gundam Fight and his continued charade -- but he's terrified of ending up a helpless prisoner like that again. There's also the nagging fear of what will happen to him if his true nature is discovered. He knows there is a very real possibility of being repeatedly experimented on should that happen, especially if Ulube catches him.

Finally, one fear that Schwarz can never escape is himself. More specifically, his body. While he's outwardly confident he successfully reverted the DG Cells into UG Cells to make his new body, there's still that fear that something might make them revert back to DG Cells. If he gets taken over by DG Cells, he would end up hurting his brother rather than helping him. Even if he remains in control of his body, he's afraid he might end up infecting others with DG Cells. And lastly, becoming an android had more of an emotional impact on him than he will even admit to himself. He questions how human he really is now, and is terrified of losing what humanity he has left. He can't quite shake himself of the fear that he will become even more machine no matter how unlikely that is.

While being an android is a huge strength, it is also one of his greatest weaknesses. Even knowing exactly how the technology he's now made of works, his body is very difficult to fix. Anyone that doesn't know the technology (so anyone that's not him or following his instructions exactly) are more likely to do more harm than good. Granted he'll eventually heal on his own, but that takes time, and serious internal damage might not heal on its own properly. No one can study or learn about the technology either, as the UG Cells die instantly when they're removed from his body. (With and exception for the mods; more about that in the notes.) Also, while the UG Cells reduce the symptoms of disease and toxins, this is a double edged sword, as the effectiveness of medicines are also reduced. Caffeine isn't as affective either, which is rather unfortunate for someone with a coffee addiction. His body allows him to go without caffeine without the usual headaches and such he'd normally have, but it doesn't help the fowl mood he gets in without it.

While Schwarz is made of Ultimate Gundam Cells, this is only because he forced the Devil Gundam Cells to turn back to their original, benign state. But there is always the possibly they might revert again back into DG Cells. If so much as one cell reverts, it will spread. The danger that DG Cells might take him over or worse spread to and infect other people, while slight, is very real. Even if he such a reversion left him and potentially others mentally unaltered, the self-evolution of DG Cells is wildly unpredictable and could cause mutations.

The one thing the Cells actually make him physically weaker to is fire and other sources of intense heat. A first or mild second degree burn will affect him just like everyone else, but once his "normal" skin is burned through and the flame reaches the layer of DG Cells he'll rapidly burn from the inside out. Put him out fast enough and he'll still survive, but the burns will be excruciatingly painful for a long time and take even longer to heal. Also any hot energy-based weapons like beam sabers/light sabers will cut through him like a knife through butter.

Although electricity will heal him, it still hurts. A lot. At one point in canon he needs to heal himself in this way and despite his high pain tolerance he's screaming at the top of his lungs the entire time. This also has a limited usefulness. Too much and the UG Cells will overload, causing a short circuit and doing more harm than good. In canon, electrocution fixed "a short circuit in the nerve relay terminal to his central power supply" which had basically paralyzed him, and caused the Cell layer to repair itself and close the huge whole in his side. He was far from 100% as he was still very weak and exhausted.

And because of the connection he still has with his body, Schwarz only lives for as long as Kyoji's alive. While this isn't likely to be an issue in Maison, it could make things very interesting if against all odds a Kyoji ever apps into the game as well. If Kyoji died, Schwarz would drop dead as well.

Schwarz has his share of mental weaknesses as well. He's never been the most social, and his current condition led him to be even more withdrawn. Not only does this cut him off from getting any emotional support, he often can't read social cues very well. He has a habit of eavesdropping on conversations to gather information, and won't hesitate to butt in if he has something to say. This would annoy many people at the very least, and likely will make him a few enemies.

And one cannot ignore his identity crisis. He had intended to transfer his brain from one body to another, but with the Devil Gundam trying stop him at every moment he doesn't know if that was successful or if he's only a copy. Whether because of losing faith in himself after seeing what his creation became or because of the mental scarring that he has been repressing this entire time, he assumes it's the latter. He tries not to think about it much, but it bothers him more than he lets on. If an enemy were to somehow find out about him being a clone, it's one of the few things that could mentally be used against him.

He has several more minor weaknesses as well. He will be limited by "primitive" early 21st Century technology, he can be easily annoyed, tends to hold a grudge, and Mikamura's betrayal has left him with a major suspicious streak.

But his biggest weakness will always be Domon. He is willing to sacrifice his life in an instant to keep his brother safe. Even if he knows he's likely being tricked by an illusion or similar, he will not take that chance that it's not. He will willingly walk right into certain death if there's even the slightest chance his brother is in danger. It is the only kind of bait that will work on him.

Mundane Strengths/Abilities:
Most notably, Schwarz is a master of German ninjutsu, even able to fight at the same level as Master Asia. Although before his appearance in the Gundam Fight many people would have said there was no such thing as a German ninja, Schwarz would say that just means they do their job well. It is rooted in traditional, non-magical ninjutsu, although the techniques have been enhanced to the point that some would certainly call it magic. Physically, his training gives him near-superhuman levels of speed and agility. This allows him to move fast enough he's just a blur, set a smoke bomb and disappear before it clears, as well as use the substitution technique. This technique allows him to switch a nearby object of approximately his size with himself to avoid an attack. There is also an illusion in place so that for the for few seconds his opponent will believe they hit him instead. Additionally, he also has above average strength. As for as weapons, there are certainly some things he's more skilled at then others, but it's safe to assume he can use just about anything well enough to defend himself with it. He also knows how to make smoke bombs, but likely will not be able to find the saltpeter he needs for them in game.

Like all ninja, he has the greatest advantage in the shadows. Even with his ridiculous mask he's so skilled at stealth that he doesn't need darkness. For example he can take a cloth that was made to blend into the environment and seamlessly hide behind it pressed against a wall. But darkness does make things more convenient. Especially with his two techniques that only work in shadow. The first of these is a type of camouflage. He is able to make himself appear as a dark gray silhouette to better blend into the darkness, but the illusion will break in bright light. His eyes will also sometimes become visible in low light if he's not careful and his eyes are also the first part of him to become visible again when he ends the illusion. He is also capable of phasing through a wall or ceiling if both sides are in shadow. It doesn't have to be completely dark, so long as there is a place where both sides have a shadow on it. For example, he uses this to phase up through the roof of a building on a sunny day using people's shadows. in the unlikely event the shadows are removed, he will be somewhat painfully forced through the wall to whichever side the majority of his body was on.

Schwarz does not however need shadows to make a good disguise. He is even able to create a convincing enough face mask to look real, even if he's wearing it over his normal mask. He likely will not be able to get a hold of the the materials he needs for such a mask in game, but he should still be able to make a convincing disguise with makeup if he's willing to remove his normal mask. His training even allows him to change his voice enough to avoid recognition that way, even by someone that knows him. (Note: If someone doesn't remember him changing his voice, it's because they only bother to have him do that in the original Japanese.)

Ninjutsu is more about training for stealth and adaptability than having a bunch of unique techniques, but he does have one and it is far more powerful than one might assume by looking at it. It's called the Sturm und Drang, and he basically attacks by building up momentum and spinning like a top. He then rams into his opponent. This can be done with just his extended arms to stun his opponent and cause bruising, or with held weapons to cause more serious injuries. This technique is how he won against the other four Shuffles in the tournament, and he almost defeated Domon with it as well.

His skills aren't limited to just ninjutsu. He retains all abilities he originally had as Kyoji. First and foremost is the Meikyo Shisui he learned from Kendo. Meikyo Shisui means "clear mirror, still water." It is a meditation technique to help with inner stability, serenity, and concentration. At its most advanced it displays the reflective qualities of these things as well, allowing one to "reflect" their opponent and predict their movements in battle. This technique enhances the ninjutsu he's acquired, allowing him to become one of the most powerful Gundam Fighters in the tournament.

Schwarz is still every bit as intelligent as he was as Kyoji as well. He is a legitimate genius and is fluent in both Japanese and English, and now German. He excelled as a Gundam scientist, equaling his father who is considered the best Gundam scientist in all of Neo Japan and possibly the entire universe. While slightly less skilled than his father at coming up with new and visionary ideas, that does not make him bad at it by any stretch of the imagination. He also surpasses his father at figuring out how to make such visionary ideas work. For example, while it was Dr. Kasshu that envisioned the Ultimate Gundam and its UG Cells, it was Kyoji that found a way to bring that vision to life.

His skill isn't limited to specifically Gundams either. He can create and work with almost any kind of robot. This is also true of computers in general, both hardware and software. He's just as adept at soldering a microchip into place as he is writing an advanced program. This also makes him very good at hacking, although that is something he will only do in an emergency or as a last resort. Or if you make him angry enough. He's not afraid to get dirty either, and won't shy away from a project just because he would end up covered in grease by the end.

His intelligence is obvious in other fields as well. Although largely self-taught, he is very skilled and knowledgeable in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. While he is slightly less skilled in biology in general he is very good at cellular biology. He also excels in strategy and tactical planning.

He also seems to have a bit of a fascination with late 20th and early 21st century technology. Vital information on the Ultimate Gundam is shown to be stored in an old-fashioned floppy disk. While the technology of the Future Century has progressed to floppy-like disks that seem to be fiber optics based, there is no doubt what is shown is the kind of floppy that someone from the very early 21st century would be familiar with. While this hobby proved useful in canon for hiding data (as Dr. Mikamura and Ulube were likely only able to access the data stored in that disk because they had seized all of the Kasshu's computers as well) this will be an obvious advantage for suddenly finding himself stuck in the early 21st century. The computers will seem incredibly slow, frustrating, and underpowered to him, but he will already be familiar with most of the technology. So with a bit of patience, he won't have any problems getting the "primitive" technology to work.

His logical way of going about things also helps him dealing with things that are out of the ordinary. For example, he doesn't believe in ghosts and monsters, but he isn't blinded by his opinion. It will be obvious to him that the people in the house are scared of something, and once confronted with said monsters he won't try to convince himself he's being attacked by nothing.

And finally, being an android does have its benefits. While he appears to be almost completely robotic on the inside, he surprisingly still has a lot of human features. Despite the thick layer of Gundarium UG Cells under his skin, it is flexible enough that he still looks completely organic and even feels natural to the touch. Despite having an internal power supply he still needs to eat and drink, so he can't be discovered that way. He also has the advantage of while he needs food, he can keep going on less, even being able to go several days without. The hunger would make doing so uncomfortable, but it won't make him weaker. He still has a pulse and blood, but in case of serious hemorrhaging his body can cut off blood flow to the affected area so that he doesn't bleed out. His hair is also still natural and will grow back if cut. He can still get sick, but the symptoms would not be nearly as bad. The same is true of poison, venom, and other toxins. He also has an increased tolerance to heat and cold, although temperatures outside of the norm will still be uncomfortable to him.

The UG Cells are partly responsible for his increased speed, strength, and endurance, but not much. The Cells bring out a persons ultimate physical potential. Because he's reached this point through training, if he somehow became human again his physical abilities wouldn't noticeably decrease. The Cells do however increase his physical durability. The layer of bio-Gundarium between his skin and his insides acts as an internal armor, making him much more resistant to physical injury. Something with enough force such as a bullet, or a very sharp blade, will still be able to punch through due to the UG Cells being softer than normal Gundarium due to the organic aspect. However, a duller blade will not be able to cut through this armor and he is much more resistance to blunt weapons. The Cells give him accelerated healing, as well as a limited form of regeneration with additional power. In other words, electrocution will heal him rather than cause damage. Unfortunately, electrocution is still every bit as painful.

Sensitivity/Magical Ability: He has no "natural" sensitivity. Instead, his ninjutsu training allows him to sense the presence of people. This will result in him having a minor sensitivity to the supernatural entities in the houses. However, it will be very weak, so it will be more like a "danger sense" than anything. He will be able to tell if there's something in the room with him and will sense an attack at the last second, but that's it. He will not even be able to tell for sure if whatever presence he's sensing is hostile or not.

Supply List: His normal outfit, which includes his mask, a coat that seems to be able to keep him warm without causing him to overheat even when fighting in a tropical climate, and a pair of sturdy knee-high boots. The jacket has spikes on the shoulders that can be used as weapons in a pinch. The v-crest on his mask is also removable and bladed. It is made of Gundarium and can be used as a kind of throwing-star boomerang. The coat is lined with pockets that contain a total of about 40 regular throwing stars and a small handful of about five smoke bombs.

He also carries around a kind of multi-tool that's a bit like a couple of Swiss Army knives stuck together. Folded up it easily fits in a large-ish pocket. It can unfold to reveal everything from a pair of pliers on the center hinge to screwdrivers to a small knife to a can opener. Nothing on this can be used as a weapon (the knife is short enough he'd be better off just using his fists) but it's extremely handy for repairs and survival. This is a type of tool he's carried with him since long before the Devil Gundam incident, and is one of the few signs of his previous life he carries on his person. (Note that while large and a bit heavy it is still compact and is not one of the ridiculously giant ones.)

Game Transfers: N/A

Sample RP post:
Being trapped in an actual haunted mansion was not something Schwarz had expected to have to endure in his life. Then again, he hadn't expected most of the things that had happened to him in the past year and a half. All he could do was continue to fight on. But the disruption in the space-time continuum around this place was the worst of all. He had no way of knowing how much time had passed back in Neo Hong Kong. To top it off it felt like the night lasted well over 48 hours, and that was a long time to go with little sleep and no coffee.

Which is why he was here in an isolated little corner of one of the houses, where the floor was stone and couldn't burn. He'd rescued a pot of water and some fresh coffee grounds from the kitchen before night fell and caused everything in there to mysteriously rot. But he needed to actually boil the water to make the coffee, which was why he'd come to this little fire-proof, out of the way corner and built himself a tiny campfire.

He of all people needed to be careful around fire, but a small one wasn't too dangerous so the benefits were well worth the risk. Not just the coffee either; while he could physically handle the chill of this house without problem the warmth from his little fire felt wonderful.

Or so he thought, until the ghost that had been keeping him out of the Parlor appeared out of nowhere in front of him. Suddenly the corner he'd chosen to limit where things could come at him from seemed more like a trap and a stupid idea. The heat coming off of the creature was intense enough for him to tell the Cells in his android body would go up like kindling if he was touched.

Was he afraid? He'd be a fool if he wasn't. But he wouldn't let that fear rule him. He couldn't afford to die here. Not while his brother might still need him. Darting forward, he jumped high at the last possible moment, just clearing the ghost's flaming reach. It clearly wasn't going to let him go so easily, so Schwarz did the only thing he realistically could: run, and hope his skill with speed and stealth would be enough to escape.

Notes: I am using the Japanese names for the Gundams. For a list of the names that were changed in translation and what they were changed to, see the chart at the bottom of this page. Links to detailed summaries for each episode can also be found on this page.

Also important to note is the whole issue of whether Schwarz is really Kyoji in a different body or if he's just a copy/clone. Canon is unclear on this and there is evidence to support either theory. The fandom is pretty divided on this issue as well. I tend to headcanon him being the "real" Kyoji in a different body, but since it won't really affect playing him I'm willing to say that Schwarz is just a clone to allow a Kyoji to app into the game as well. (Which realistically will never happen but if it did the mindscrewing would be wonderful.)

As for the UG Cells instantly dieing once separated from him, I am willing to make an exception to this if the mods want Cell samples for plot purposes. It can be safely assumed that if Cells do survive they'll "evolve" back into DG Cells. Normally, an infected corpse turns into one of these things (Come on, you know you guys can't resist a robot zombie invasion). They can also cause mutation. That's only canonly seen in the Gundams, but it's not too much of a stretch they could cause an individual to self evolve as well.


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